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Authentic Taste. We at The Top Donair Jasper Ave prepare our donair and shawarma with natural ingredients to give you authentic taste.

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Google Reviews

Hesam Abedini


Highly recommended local restaurant! The food is very good and the price is reasonable. The staff are so nice and friendly. I really liked their lamb donair and their fries. The bread was great as well. Each dish is good for one person. You can enjoy Persian/Middle Eastern food at Top Donair, so give it a try

Jeana lillian !!


Stopped by before work and got their CHICKEN POUTINE with garlic sauce. It was absolutely amazing and I’m still enjoying it cold 3 hours later! I was given a pretty large helping of chicken, they did not skimp at all! And for $12 the regular/small size is good for two people !! The sauce is amazing. Only this location (I believe) offers this specific fry and it is perfect. It was semi busy and the guy who served me was super kind and helpful, even when preparing food for multiple others !! I’ve seen multiple difference workers and all of them have given me the best service.

Solehin Sagor


Excellent halal food options. Tried their mix Donair and homemade burger. Both were delicious and fresh. The service was great as well. If you are downtown, I recommend trying their food.

Wheelchair accessibility: Wheelchair accessible at the front gate.

Stewart Young


You know the New Year I like finding new places. New adventures. New pleasures. Yet at times after the bitter cold we have lived through. You crave that Familiar Comfortable Place where you feel like family. And for me that place is Top Donair I open the door, and I’m freated like family. Any built up stress from the day. Gone.. then the Donair Salad arrives. Now life is OK again.
The food excellent. Friendly staff. I recommend this place so highly. Iove it. 10 stars out of 5

I have been enjoying takeout from Top Donair for awhile. This time I decided to eat in. I am very happy that I did. I talked to a few other dinners. All happy. I may not do takeout as much. It was a good experience. You should try the food. It is the reason I come back

Braiden Hanna


An amazing experience customer service was excellent and the food was so good! The donair meat was juicy and tender, and the fries were better then anything Mc Donald’s could do, 10/10 would recommend anybody trying a donair for the first time to try here because it sets the standards to a whole other level of donair and fries!

Jasmine Jones


The food was great and the service was even better. The staff were very kind and pleasant. Vegetarian options available.

Mohammad Alshaikh


FOOD WAS GREAT. Highly recommend their donair! The cook was incredibly hospitable and gave us amazing tea! Thank You Top Donair.

Ali Syed


Great food and fantastic owner! If you’re looking for a delicious meal come here.

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